What is the Limit on a Milestone Credit Card?

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Milestone credit Card is worthwhile; people with low credit scores who want a credit card for their expenses can opt for a Milestone credit card. When anyone requires urgent financial support, then a Milestone credit card can be the best choice.

On the other hand, it has an annual fee and high APR rate than any other regular credit card and it may be an expensive option for you 

So, before opting for a milestone credit card, you should be well familiar with it. Here we are with all the necessary information about it in the given post. Keep reading it.

About Milestone Credit Card

With a wide variety of offers, Milestone credit cards come in different versions and have a different annual fee for each, so you have to pick one of them to opt for it.

Milestone Mastercard with an annual fee of $35, Mastercard with an annual fee of $75 for the first year, and $99 afterward, along with a Mastercard with an annual fee of $59. 

Credit Limit of Milestone Credit Card

With high interest, high annual fees, and no rewards, milestone card.com offers you a crest card with a credit limit of about $700 or more. Some credit card holders can get higher limits than others depending upon their past credit records.

For instance, if you have chosen a Milestone card with an annual fee of $75, then your credit limit will be up to $300, which means you will get only $225 after paying its annual charge.

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